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New beginnings

A few years ago life was very tough for me, I struggled dealing with problems that were important to me but no-one seemed to care, I was tired of having to plead for the support that was right for me. They couldn’t see that the way I acted was because I wasn’t being listened to, this version of me manifesting itself that wasn’t me at all was all they could see. I am just glad that I can look back on that time in my life and move forward thanks to the support I received from ubu.

So after leaving my previous place of supported living I was now putting my faith into ubu to support me in achieving my dreams and goals and I was absolutely terrified that it was just going to be like before. At first it was hard, very hard, to not paint my enabling support team with the same brush as my previous “support team” but over time I began to feel more in control of my life. I was helped to look at the ways I could achieve my very own independence in manageable steps that worked for me. Along the way I made quite a few mistakes but with my enabling support team I reflected on what went wrong and what could be done different to help me get back on track to achieving my goals. But this story isn’t just about that!

As my independence grew so did the things I wanted to experience, I was more confident than ever in myself and that’s when I met my fiancé. We got on like a house on fire and spent as much time as we could together, the more we spent time together the deeper we fell in love until one day he asked me to marry him and of course I said yes! My next goal was for us to have a house of our very own and the perfect wedding. I sat down with my enabling team and they began helping me to plan my wedding and the life changing step of finding a place for me and my fiancé to live.

I often got stressed that things weren’t moving quickly enough but my enabling team listened to me and discussed with me all the things that came with marriage and living with a partner, the advice they gave me and the ears they had open for me supported me through the new, scary and exciting adventure I was about to take. My life plan was beginning to take shape and my independence had finally come.

I have now left the support of ubu with my fiancé, the wedding is only a few months away and things couldn’t be going better, my life journey wasn’t an easy one but with patience, perseverance and the right support I am now living the life I have always dreamed of!

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