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Never too late to learn

Waiting for the green man before your cross the road, watching where you walk, keeping electrics away from water. These are just some of the things that keep us safe in our daily lives and although these examples may seem like common sense to some, they can be extremely difficult skills for others to learn.

Here are some stories from those supported by ubu on how they took steps to learn skills that would help them as their journeys through life progressed.

Daniel’s Story:

I have lived in Leeds with ubu for a long time now, and over the years I’ve become more confident and independent than I could have ever imagined. Exploring new places around town, holidaying to Scarborough and just really getting my hands stuck in with life!

As my Enabling Team got to know me they noticed that more often than not I didn’t look when crossing the road, but I didn’t really quite understand why everyone was making such a big deal about it, and how dangerous it actually was! After some good long chats with my Enabling Support Workers I decided it might be a good idea to attend a road safety course.

A few weeks later the course arrived and there was a lot of information for me to take in, I never knew how dangerous the roads could actually be! I learnt how important it was to check the road for oncoming cars, how many different types of crossings there were and a truckload of other useful tips to keep me safe when I was out in the community.

I am definitely much safer now when I go out and cross the road and it’s helped me to feel more independent, all thanks to the things I learned on the road safety course!

Sara, Gill’s and Sandy’s Story:

We’re three neighbours and three very good friends and we recently attended a First Aid course! So whether a wound needs dressing or a burn needs to be treated we all have you covered! We all decided to go as we can be a bit accident prone at times and instead of being helpless and not knowing what to do we wanted to better ourselves.

Over the course of six weeks we learnt so many skills and techniques such as cleaning wounds, preventing choking and even how to put someone in the recovery position! It made us all so happy, knowing that our friends and families could turn to us if they needed some first aid treatment! Going together was a great idea as we can be shy at times which can stop us from going out and learning new things.

We have not only just achieved new skills, but we have gained so much more confidence and made some new friends along our learning journey!

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