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My unique 70th birthday celebration

Hello, my name’s John. I’ve been living with more independence, enabled by ubu, since I moved into my current home acouple of years ago. I found that now that I'm retired, I can enjoy all sorts of exciting things and have real adventures. I want to stay active, enjoy being with the people around me and most of all feel happy and young for my age!

When I was coming up to my 70th year I started to think about how I’d like to celebrate my birthday. There were quite a few options I'd thought about and I talked about them with the ubu team. I thought about going away for the weekend somewhere special but then I thought that what I’d really like would be a party.

I knew it was going to take a bit of planning and organising but the ubu enabling team helped me to work out how to put my event together. I looked at some local venues. I wanted somewhere I could feel comfortable and have fun with my friends and family and make it a party to remember. I settled on a club near where I live that I like and where people know me too.

The next step was to find a theme for my ‘do’. I’m keen on anything Egyptian and but especially anything to do with Las Vegas. I’ve been to Las Vegas in the past and I loved it. So it wasn’t hard to decide to make a Las Vegas theme my choice. All that was need next was to find everything needed to make it a fantastic day.

With some support from my enabling team we discovered an excellent on-line site which had everything I could want to get all sorts of Las Vegas party theme materials. I bought some balloon cards and dices, gaming chips, Vegas theme table centre pieces, plates and napkins and my 'crème de la crème' - a personalised Las Vegas banner with my picture on it. I wanted this to be on the stage at the club for all the party goers to see and admire.

I found, with a little research, that I could hire a 70th neon number sign to proudly tell everyone that this was my special birthday. We organised a wholesome and delicious buffet which was made specially for me by my local bakery. I also had a professionally made Las Vegas style birthday cake. I took my time and wrote out all the invites to my family, friends and acquaintances, old and new to help me celebrate my 70th year in my own unique style.

On the day, I got dressed up in my elegant grey suit. I wanted to look like a was a renowned Las Vegas superstar. When I arrived the DJ we had hired announced my arrival. I opened the doors and I was taken aback. I was greeted by all my guests with cheers, love and lots of warmth. I went around the room and talked to everyone. The DJ played all my favourite melodies. As soon as I heard a familiar tune, like ‘’Apache’’ by the Shadows, I got up onto the dance floor where I stayed for most of the evening because I love dancing.

I know that my family members had a wonderful time too and after I had cut my amazing cake, I knew that I just had to give a speech to thank everyone for coming and making it such a wonderful party. Everyone had a great time including the DJ who said, ‘’I have never seen such a happy group of people in all my life!’’


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