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My feline friend

I moved into my own flat in Knaresborough in July 2014 supported and enabled by ubu. Moving from living in a shared home, having my own space has been fantastic! I love it!. I’ve become much more independent and have found work with Age UK, in one of their local charity shops.

I go to a craft workshop nearby twice a week where I’m learning all sorts of skills and finding new ideas to be interested in. I have lots of friends including a boyfriend, but I sometimes I feel lonely on the evenings when I’m alone in my flat. I’m always tired in the evening and so I usually have to get home for about 6 pm, this is the time when I will often feel at my loneliest and its like I am missing something.

I have talked it over with the ubu enabling team and they suggested that I could think about getting an animal companion. I thought about what options might be open to me. I got in touch with my housing association who are my landlords and explained what I wanted to do. They were who were really positive about the idea. From then on I set my heart on getting a cat. I asked around and did some research about where I might find one. The Cats Protection League appealed to me.

After I got in touch with them they sent a very friendly representative around to meet me and see if my flat would be suitable. I was very nervous, but it all went well and they said I would probably make a great cat owner! I got really excited but still had to wait for a couple of weeks before a suitable cat needed a new home.

When the call came we went to meet the cat, who I fell in love with straight away. It was a 14 week old female black and white cat. She was house trained and she had had her first set of vaccinations.

The Cats Protection League gave me lots of great advice about what I might need to take care of my new companion. I had already got all the things she would need for me to look after her. I decided that I would call her Lucy. When she arrived it took a little while for her to get used to her new surroundings. She hid under the sofa for a while but I was assured this is normal as she will be nervous at first. She soon started to explore and play with her toys.

Lucy is now well settled in. I love introducing her to everyone, all my family have been over to meet her. She if full of life and sits with me on an evening. The strangest thing is that since having Lucy in the house I no longer feel lonely and now sleep so much better as well!


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