• Dorothy

Mind the Gap

Equality in the workplace is about more than pay

It’s hard to deny that there is an increased media focus on the gender pay gap as the deadline approaches for large companies to publish their data. At ubu, we are proud that our gender pay gap report shows only a small gap of 2.1%. This pay gap is marginal when compared to the national average of 18%.

Although a pay gap does not indicate that a company is failing to pay men and women equally for the same role, it does open discussion around workplace equality. Why are there more men in senior level roles? Why are some industries still predominantly male and some female?

Companies are now having to address these types of question and consider how to resolve the issues. I think this is a huge positive for everyone.

Having a diverse workforce and a diverse senior management team provides many benefits for a company. A diverse workforce, made up of different backgrounds, experiences and skills, gives you access to a wider range of viewpoints, ideas and solutions. Employing, training and promoting people of all ages, genders, races, religions and abilities can help an organisation better meet the expectations of a diverse customer base.

Although pay is a big talking point at the minute, equality in the workplace isn’t solely about receiving the same financial rewards. Equality in the workplace is about receiving the same level of respect, the same opportunities to develop and the same level of safety, care and protection.