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Meet Emily – Volunteer of the Year!

Hiya! My name is Emily and I live in Harrogate

I am so proud to share what I have achieved this year. I can promise you that this has been an amazing year!

This year, one of the outcomes that I helped to set for myself was to get a volunteering job – and I achieved it. I’m loving my job and am now a permanent staff/volunteer team member at Harrogate Hospital.

I work twice a week, every Wednesday and Friday for four hours and it’s great being part of the team. I enjoy the variety that my role brings and it helps me to understand a lot about how a hospital works. I get to visit many different parts of the hospital and I have been able to get to know lots of different people.

My work is a lot of fun and I like to feel that I’m helping a cause that I am connected with. One of my responsibilities is to deliver cards to staff and patients all over the hospital. This means that I am learning my way around the hospital and get to visit many different wards, this is ‘good fun’.

One of the most important aspects my job is the chance to meet lots of new and different people. I get to chat to the patients and this is one of the best jobs in the whole hospital. I am also able to chat with lots of different staff members and understand more about what job they do in the hospital – it’s fascinating.

I enjoy volunteering as it enables me to meet new friends and I feels like I am part of a supportive team. I have been able to develop new skills, learn new things and develop as a person. One of the things that has meant the most to me is how my role has helped to build my confidence.

Volunteer of the Year

One big surprise that I was not expecting was my nomination for Volunteer of the Year from the Your Harrogate Local Hero scheme. I was nominated by Harrogate District Hospital’s Volunteer Team for my continued dedication, time and enthusiasm. I am overjoyed to have my contribution recognised.

I am very grateful for the support given to me this year. My staff team have been patient, persistent, encouraging, and creative in helping me to sustain my volunteering job and, for the first time in my life, I have committed to a something for a long time. I am feeling a lot more confident and I feel I have achieved something by giving back to the community.


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