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Making a splash

Don’t you love it when you take a trip to your local swimming pool and have a good splash, submerge yourself in the sea when you’re on holiday or even whizz down the slides at the water park. Well I don’t, because I don’t know how to swim.

That’s what I used to say before I decided to act and do something about it.

There I was in Benidorm on my well deserved holiday with my fiancé, I should have been feeling happy and excited but this feeling of sadness washed over me as I looked into the glistening pool I wasn’t in. Even when I did get in it I could barely do anything without support from my enabling team from fear of drowning, I promised myself next time I went on holiday I’d be swimming!

When I had finally unpacked my suitcase on return from holiday a week later I spoke to my enabling team about starting swimming lessons, I set my self a goal and I was going to achieve it! A few days later I arrived at my local swimming baths with swimsuit, towel and determination at the ready and it’s something I will never regret doing.

At first I found it extremely difficult putting my trust into my swimming instructor but deep down I knew she would help me better myself and remove my fear of the water. As the year went by I needed less guidance from my instructor, I learnt how to kick my legs properly underwater, how to do the front stroke and the backstroke too! Sometimes I was terrified and other times I was ecstatic but all the hard work and effort paid off as before I knew it I was sailing across the pool with no help apart from my own two arms and legs.

In June I landed in Lanzarote on my holidays and I was ready to confront my arch nemesis the hotel swimming pool. I unpacked my bags whipped my swimsuit on and headed towards it, I was soon at its edge and a wave of happiness rushed over me. I stood there smiling and thought to myself “What was I ever so scared of?” with one triumphant jump I landed square in the centre of the pool and swam, and I did so for the rest of the day.


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