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Making a really positive contribution

Christine from Middlesbrough who is living with greater independence enabled by ubu, has found something she really loves doing.

“I want to tell you how my life has changed since I decided to do something positive for myself and my housemates. I’ve always liked watching plants grow and I have been encouraged and supported by my ubu enabling team to plan for and start growing my own vegetables in a patch in my garden.

The first thing I needed to do was to find out where to go to buy my seeds and how to get started with sowing them and nurturing the seedlings. My fingers must be green because everything I have planted has flourished and grown! It’s really great to plant a seed and watch it grow into something that I have been a part of making. The best part of all is being able to eat my own vegetables!

In the past, I didn’t eat nearly enough fruit or vegetables. I have been wanting to have a healthier diet and so growing some of my own food has made eating fresh food so much more enjoyable. The first radish I pulled from the ground was in the perfect shape of a heart. I’m sure this was a message telling me to eat more fruit and vegetables.

I am enabled by ubu to live with more independence and now that I have learnt how to grow my own vegetables, enjoy eating and sharing them with my housemates, I feel much healthier and even more independent.”

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