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Making a home

Moving can be a happy time but also a stressful time. A house isn’t just bricks and mortar and a location isn’t just the place it sits on. These two things together along with a variety of other factors create a home which is so much more than just a place to live. A home both holds and creates memories, emotions and experiences which live with a person for a lifetime.

Here are a few stories from people supported by ubu and how they have adjusted to their new homes.

Brandon’s Story:

I found my new home with ubu in December 2018 and it felt like such a breath of fresh air. I’d like to say I settled in quite quickly on my first evening, I wanted to get my self out there and get to know the people I would be living with to the best of my ability. I enjoyed a lovely meal with my new housemates and manged to make some new friends although I do think one of them talks a little too much!

Over the years I have gathered a lot of records and other collectables and I enjoy sharing it with those around me, it’s something I’m really proud of! From where I previously lived I have brought some of my favourite ornaments which I have put on display in the main living room, I’ve also added to the kitchen too!

I love spending time in my room listening to my music and when I first moved in it’s all I really did for a bit, although I’m an easy going guy meeting new people can still be tough! I couldn’t thank my Enablers enough though as instead of leaving me alone all the time they came to see me, I liked showing them my models and they helped me to come downstairs for a chat and a cup of tea.

Now I come down regularly throughout the day for a good chinwag with my Enablers and my housemates.

Since I’ve moved in I have been helped to decorate and arrange my room just the way I like it, I love a good bargain and I’m now a regular customer in the charity shops where I live. Not only that I have also applied for a part time job there, fingers crossed I get a call back soon! At first moving was quite frightening but with some confidence and help from my Enablers I feel like I’m a part of my new community and it’s now the place I call home.

Gemma’s Story:

I have been supported by ubu for over 10 years and I can remember when I first moved into my new home I had a lot of trouble with socialising and understanding I now had choice with my everyday life.

I had a lot of anxieties and huge trust issues with the people who were supporting me but with time, patience, encouragement and guidance from my enabling team I soon realised I had nothing to fear. Since those days I have come a long way, I have attended Christmas parties, birthday events and meals out with friends.

Although these events don’t happen on a daily basis, it is a huge achievement for myself and one that I continue to thrive at. For next year I want to be able to attend even more social events for my confidence to grow and my anxieties to shrink.

I thought my new home would be no different from the last but it certainly is. I can be me and be allowed to think for myself without fear, I’m so much more than I thought I was before and I can see that now all thanks to the support ubu gave me.

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