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Making A Difference

Sometimes with how busy life can get we forget to stop and take a look at what is going on around us. With a world full of so many people and so many places we get very comfortable where we are, but out there on this great Earth are people who are less fortunate than others, less fortunate than ourselves and it can fill us with great joy and content to do something that can make a positive impact on their lives.

David & Jack’s Story:

Recently we chose to raise money by way of a magnificent cake sale for the children of Choya village in Africa. With support from staff we planned, prepared and created some amazing buns and cakes for our stall. With our efforts we managed to raise £68 which was a great amount to be used to purchase school supplies for the children. Posters, pens, pencils and exercise books were taken to Choya by the Charity organiser and the children were absolutely delighted. We couldn’t have been happier seeing their faces full of joy, the feeling of helping others is indescribable but it’s a feeling we certainly will be looking to experience again!

A Pink Story:

As a team who had been supporting a person we serve through breast cancer we decided to do a wear pink for work day last October. Whilst we were organising our event things took a turn for the worst and the person we served sadly passed away. After some weeks had passed we wanted to celebrate her life and contribute to others who were dealing with the nasty thing known as Cancer and what better way to do it than reignite our ‘Wear Pink For Work’ day.

We prepared the service, collected prizes, named a unicorn & baked some delicious cakes. Our event soon came around and with it was tombola stalls, cake stalls, how many sweets in the jar and the all importantly name the unicorn. In our best pink outfits, we came to together and had such an amazing response with tons of guests.

At such a sad time, it was brilliant to see everyone come together and wear their pink with pride to celebrate the life of a friend and after our grand event we managed to raise a whopping £350! We hope we have made our friend proud!