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Learning to Cook

On Saturday, Sarah who is enabled to live more independently in Leeds, had planned to go to Jamie Oliver’s cookery group where they were going to learn how to cook some of Jamie’s dishes. “Before we went we stopped off to get some cheese toasties for lunch, but later we would realise that we should have just gone to Jamie’s for lunch.”

As soon as they arrived the session had begun; the first lesson revolved around how to correctly prepare food and how to be hygienic in the kitchen. “We put on aprons and washed our hands before being taught how to use the knife safely. The leader, Neil, taught us how to put your hand into the claw shape so you can chop vegetables carefully. He said that you must always tuck your fingers in because no one wants a finger in their pasta!”

Neil cooked the dish first to show how it should be done and then when everyone was comfortable with the method they all had a go, Neil watched and was available to help should anyone need it, but Sarah and everyone else were already storming ahead with their preparation.

“First we had to chop the onion and chilli. I took the seeds out of my chilli because I didn’t want it too spicy. Neil taught us how to use that rocking motion when you cut veg and also how to pit olives by using your thumb and pushing on the olive. There were stones flying everywhere. It was hilarious.”