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It matters to me

Sometimes it’s very easy to get caught up with the idea that there has to be a purpose for everything. That participating in an activity should result in a set goal being achieved but a lot of the time we do the things we do for fun and enjoyment its not a chore we feel we must do! Goals are the desires of a person wanting something that matters to them. Below are a few stories from some of the people supported by ubu about things they achieved for themselves.

Our Local Town:

Has hosted a flowerpot festival every July and August for the past few years. Absolutely anyone can make a flowerpot creation for the event and it attracts a ton of attention!

After being amazed by all the brilliant entries over the years last year we finally decided to have a go at making one f­­or our front garden with some help from our Enabling team. We planned a trip out to buy some plant pots in lots of different sizes but that was the easy part! The hard part was trying to come up with ideas of what our plant pot person or animal was going to be!

How about a footballer? The world cup was on and it seemed a good idea, but not all of us liked football so with a fair vote the idea was dismissed. A royal family member? After all, there was a royal wedding last year! Nope. After what seemed like hours of negotiating we finally decided on our plant pots identity…a pastry chef!

We all liked to make cakes, scones and buns, along with eating them, so a pastry chef was the perfect job! Without a second thought we all agreed on naming him Bob the baker, now that he had a name we decided to take him into the garden and add his defining features.

We gave him a face, a pair of hands, a white jacket and finished him off with some black and white checked trousers. We all took a step back to marvel at our creation but something just wasn’t right. Emerging from the house came Vera who had with her a Chef’s hat, a wooden spoon, a small apron and a cupcake. That was it! On they went and Bob truly looked the part! With a grand ceremony we placed him on the fence and he looked stunning!

People from the community and visitors stopped outside to look at Bob and thought he looked great, we were all so proud and decided we would enter this local event every year from now on!

Daniel’s Story:

Hi I’m Daniel and I recently managed to tick off one of my dearest dreams which is to ride a bike! For so long I watched people use those magnificent two wheeled machines with ease, imagined what it would be like to have the wind in my hair, the sun on my back and speed that seemed faster than light. My Enabling team listened to what I wanted and helped me to get it and it all started with a visit to the gym.

At my local gym they have static bikes, the ones that you can pedal on but they don’t move! So I couldn’t fall off I started with these bikes and started getting used to what it felt like to pedal, not only did I practice on the static bikes but also the pedalos at my local boating lake.

After some intense training I began trying out adapted disability friendly bikes, I started off with a tandem, the ones with two seats and two sets of pedals, with one of my Enablers. Over the weeks I began to get used to riding the bikes so much that I moved onto just a single seated bike where I was practically in total control!

I won’t lie and say I had no bumps but it was all part of the learning curve. A few months on and I now go on regular bike rides with my Enabler just for that little bit of encouragement and help if I need it. I really enjoy going on the bikes, waving at people and shouting out hellos, it’s a skill I learnt for me and I am so glad I did!

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