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I’m Feeling Soup-er

I just wanted to share with you something that I have been doing to help me maintain my independence and also try to be a little bit healthier.

I really enjoy living in my own apartment but sometimes I can feel overwhelmed with cooking for myself. I have been looking with my enabling team at how I can do this step by step, making the best use of the skills I already have and learning new ones along the way.

I must admit that I do love a nice bowl of soup, it can be really warming on a cold day, and I always thought that homemade was the best.

Whilst out shopping I saw a soup maker, its like magic, I prepare the ingredients, put them in, press a button and it does all the hard work for me.

Ideal I thought, so I spoke with my enablers and my sister and they also thought that it would be a good idea to help me.

Now I can make a nice batch of whatever flavour soup I want and some of my favourites are carrot and coriander, leek and potato, broccoli and stilton.

I have been trying out different recipes and I have also found that in my local supermarket they sell soup packs already prepare. That has made it even better for me when I want something quick and easy to make. Not only I am becoming a bit more independent, but I am also eating more healthier lunches without any stress.

I am aways on the look out for new recipes and trying different flavours so I can add to my recipe folder if I like them.


It’s as simple as










Why not, sit back and read more about some of our great successes.

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