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I am the music man

Hello, name is Matthew and I live in North Yorkshire. I’m enabled by ubu, who help me to lead my life with greater independence and find ways to let people know what I’m feeling and what I want to do.

I have very little verbal communication, so I’m not always able to clearly make myself understood. But, this doesn’t stop me from finding new ways to achieve fantastic outcomes. I enjoy many activities, such as walking in the countryside, swimming at my local pleasure centre and visiting new and interesting places.

One of the great loves of my life is music. I love listening to it, dancing to it, and now even making music myself!

Last Christmas, I was lucky enough to be given a keyboard as a present from my Dad! My new keyboard has lots of pre-set tunes programmed into it, and I love putting these on and dancing to the music. It’s also enabled me to put on ‘performances’ for my house mates. They seem to enjoy the music and my dancing too! It’s my way of communicating with them and it really works.

I’m also visited once a month at home by a professional musician who I like to call ‘The Music Man’! He’s a great keyboard player and has introduced me to, and taught me many styles of music, but my favourites are the louder and faster tunes. I really love dancing along to all his music. It’s like Ican feel it streaming through my body and it really makes me want to express myself with my dancing

My next step towards becoming a musician is to start making up and playing my own tunes. Music makes me feel something, a very happy feeling. It makes me feel properly like me and lets other people, especially my friends and the people who enable me to live in the way I want, to understand who I really am too.


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