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Hunting Happiness

I think hobbies are something a lot of people on this earth have, my hobby brings me great joy and has helped me venture into areas of life I never knew existed. It makes me want to see what else is out there for me and that is exactly what I did.

I love music, drumming is something I hold dear and it lead to me becoming a member of a charity rock band not so long ago. I soon became enthralled by the rock genre, I wanted everything rock themed, my flat, my clothes even my hair. I sat up in bed one night and asked myself “I rock so how do I begin to roll?”. That’s when it hit me I wanted to see my favourite artist Alice Cooper live on stage, but wait, how was I going to do that? How would I get there? How much would it cost? Where is he performing!?

All these questions piling up I asked my ubu enabling team for support. Before I knew it the goal was in sight, with help I picked apart the questions I was asking myself and made a plan, Voilla! A few weeks later a bus route, a venue and a ticket sat on my table ready to take with me to my first ever rock concert! The lights, the crowd the atmosphere, the music, it was more than I ever expected it really was a dream come true and I absolutely loved it! Knowing what I was capable of I didn’t just stop there, I found a job volunteering for a Rock and Media Studio and got a part time job at a local café, I truly am rocking on with life!

Hi there, I also have a story to tell about my hobby. From ever since I can remember I have been fascinated with video games. The stories, the graphics the online friendships I have made is something that means an awful lot to me. What captivates me most is Japanese fighting games, I fell in love with a game called Tekken and that’s where it all began.

There I was, playing Tekken in my flat again but something was missing, I couldn’t quite put my finger on it, it was as if I had an empty space and no matter how much I played Tekken, it just wasn’t filling it. I reached out to the ubu enabling team and we discussed lots of reasons as to why I was feeling this way. After some time I realised that I wanted more interaction with people who shared my gaming taste, not just through a mic and a screen but in physical form! I did some research and found a Gaming Café where people like me met up for gaming tournaments on a regular basis, I was sold on the idea and made my way over.

It was everything I was hoping for! Laughter, discussion, competition, it felt like a home away from home. As the weeks went by attending the Gaming Café my competitive self began to kick in, there were some very skilful players I competed against but I never seemed to stand a chance. That didn’t stop me though! I started to practice and practice and practice, memorising button combinations and movement timings every day. Before no time it was competition day again at the Café but this time I was prepared and ready for a fight, a few grueling hours later I was standing on the winners podium placing third! I felt so proud and was amazed what my hard work and determination had achieved, I now regularly place in the top 3 at different UK gaming tournaments, I’ve definitely got my 1 UP and plenty more to come.

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