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  • Dorothy

Helping each other heal peacefully

We believe and firmly stand by the responsibility to ensure that no person is treated differently because of their skin, race, religion disability or gender, ensuring that Respect, Unity, Diversity, Agility and Inclusion drive our society as well as our organisations working culture.

Whilst it is fair to say that explicit and overtly targeted practices of racism are now much less common than they once were, it is however still evident that discrimination is not a thing of the past and it is still very much present in our society today. Surviving by having evolved through much more subtle and covert practices that go unchallenged and unrecognised, affirming that such behaviour is still very present and not yet consigned to the past, as it should be.

As an organisation standing up firmly for equality, we believe that discrimination in all its forms, has absolutely no place in our society.

Our broad questions are how can everyone:

… suddenly become unbiased regarding gender, race, creed and colour and stop comparing, targeting and discriminating against the differences there are in others to oneself?

… truly embrace diversity and equality, meaningfully, healing one another through peace and unity?

These are the questions we need to be seeking the answers to, finding solutions together - right now. Having been a direct recipient of discrimination, I speak personally and recognise that if you are not the person being victimised you know the discriminator can’t and doesn’t, feel nor see life as you do.

They wouldn’t understand what it feels like inside, how it affects a person, know the depths where one goes to avoid such confrontation, when it affects them and why a person feels so destroyed. Protests only open our eyes to the change that is needed and whilst increased awareness is encouraging it doesn’t resolve the issues.

Every instance of discrimination is never singularly inconspicuous and is always systemically linked to another. The reality of addressing such prejudices must be that we all take onboard every perspective within our society. Continuously educating each other through discussion and debate, to face and seek resolutions to the inequality that unjustly exists between us.

We must find our own voice and together work through the issues respectfully and peacefully by taking ownership of our lives together. Uniting our relative perspectives and adjusting long held biases, beliefs and mindsets by coming together in a unified open discussion.

We all need to recognise that unless we see ourselves as a part of the problem, we will never find the solution. We must acknowledge our collective ownership of the issues from all perspectives. In order to move forwards, every one of us needs to become a leader, creating the unbiased unity required to help make a positive difference, peacefully and legally - today.


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