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  • Dorothy

Having a more sustainable Christmas

As we have just a month left until Christmas Eve, it may be a good idea to look at some areas where we can make a difference to the planet, our wellbeing, and have a great Christmas.

Christmas Trees – If you are buying a real one try and get one with roots so that it can be replanted after Christmas, if using an artificial one then remember it can be used around 9 times at least. Some garden centres even rent trees out now, and they will deliver and collect them afterwards!


Christmas Decorations – Tinsel is non-recyclable and has quite a large Carbon Footprint, consider using more natural materials, holly, Ivy, collect some cones from a walk in the woods.


Cards and Wrapping paper - Most wrapping paper contains a level of plastic that means it cannot be recycled, plain brown paper is a more environmentally friendly option and can be decorated to make it even more unique. Keep cars and use them as gift tags the following year.


Gifts – Books and toys generally have a lower carbon footprint than other gifts, and it may be possible to pass them on to a charity shop when no longer required, or consider sponsoring an animal or giving to an organisation that has meaning to you, you can do this in someone’s name if you wish.


Have a great Christmas


Why not, sit back and read more about some of our great successes.

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