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Fourth Day of ubu Christmas Sparkle Celebrations

A Magical Adventure on the Polar Express

Marcus and Finlay are two typical 6 year old boys, lively and fun loving from Middlesbrough. They are a remarkable pair of brothers because at such a tender age they have a challenge which faces them both in different ways.

Marcus has an inoperable brain tumour. He is outgoing, confident and brave in everything he does. Finlay is the quiet and shy one, always there to support his brother. They both love swimming, going to their karate class and visiting a ‘play factory’ where they can run and jump about.

Marcus and Finlay’s mum says they both have fantastic imaginations which they share with each other whenever they play together, which is most of the time! It is part of what makes them such a close and special pair.

Remarkably Marcus is to be first child in the UK to try a brand new treatment for his brain tumour. Instead of usual chemotherapy, which is the standard treatment given in the UK, Marcus will be trying a new treatment which has only been trailed so far in USA. The possibility that this treatment might be more successful at helping Marcus to recover has given a sense of hope to his whole family for his future.

ubu enablers and the people we serve in Middlesbrough heard about Marcus’ story and wanted to find a way to give him and his family something bright and sparkling to look forward to this Christmas. So after talking to them to find out what they might really like to do, a train trip on the Polar Express in Weardale was chosen.

ubu in Middlesbrough have bought Marcus and Finlay tickets so that they can have the full sparkling Santa experience and meet him at the “North Pole”. Everyone will be met off the train by Santa and his elves, and Marcus and Finlay will receive a Christmas gift each. Santa cuts a sliver bell from his sleigh to give to each child so that every time it tinkles they will be reminded of their time with Santa.

Marcus and Finlay were very excited about the being given such a special treat. The boys were obviously very excited when ubu gave them the tickets and they have been looking forward to their magical adventure which is sure to hold happy memories that will last forever. When they went on their trip last week, Marcus, Finlay and their Mum and Dad sent us some photographs of their special day out which you can see in this video...


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