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Footloose and Fancy Free

Last year, Charlotte, a young lady enabled by ubu to live her life with more independence, visited York to watch a show at the theatre and stay overnight. This year she said that she wanted to do it all over again. “I loved it so much last year I wanted to go again this year, so I looked through all the leaflets for Grand Opera House and my eyes popped wide open when I saw the musical Footloose was going to be on!”

“I started by working out and organising when to go and where to stay. It took a bit of research but then, with a bit of help from a ubu enabler, my trip was finally booked”. The time to go seemed to come around quickly and it wasn’t long before Charlotte was on her way to the theatre. “As soon as we got into York train station I was buzzing! The next thing to do was to check in and drop our bags off at the hotel, then, soon enough, it was show time!”

“The whole experience was great, the musical was amazing! Two famous people I really like were in the show too! Gareth Gates and one of the Nolan sisters! I must admit that I was star-struck and loved every minute of the show! I’d only ever seen the film of Footloose, but the live musical was incredible.”

After watching the show, Charlotte decided she wanted to go out dancing herself. “This was a really big thing for me, because there were a lot of people in the club we went to and it was fantastic! I literally danced all night and met lots of new people. Everyone was having such a good time. It was great.”

The following day Charlotte decided that she wanted to