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Following in My Hero’s Footsteps!

Some people get to follow their dreams and live their best lives doing something that they love. I count myself as one of these people and now I’m power lifting alongside my heroes – but it all had to start somewhere, and I needed a little bit of support to get up and lifting!

Meeting Jonty Banks

My journey started a few years ago, when I used to attend the Dower House Gym in Knaresbrough. I love to keep fit – it gives me a real focus and helps me to feel good and full of energy. It was here, at the Dower House Gym, that I met Jonty Banks who went on to open an exciting new door in my life. When the team at the gym saw me working out, they asked if I would like to try powerlifting. It turns out that as my size and stature are tailor made for powerlifting. And it turns out that I really like this sport! I currently train between 3 and 4 times a week at the specialist gym in Boroughbridge and I never miss a session.

Raising Money from Something I Love

When I’d been powerlifting for a while, I was asked inf I would like to compete in the Will Banks Memorial. This is a memorial that raises money for Cancer research. I jumped at the chance. I was delighted to have been asked as it allowed me to do something that I love while making a difference to the lives of others. Covid meant that this has only been the second year that I had the chance to compete in the memorial. I was ready to get raising and my mum helped me to start fundraising. She set up a Just Giving Internet site so I could try and raise my target of £100.

Smashing It

I could not believe it. With the support of my mum and my ubu enablers, I was able to take part in the fundraising memorial and I reached my target of £100

To be honest, I totally smashed my target of £100 and went on to raise £600, six times my target. I was amazed and so, so pleased!

The cherry on the cake was celebrity strongman, Eddie Hall. He sponsored me £100 - just from him -with the message “Go smash it, Big Guy! I’ll be watching.”

I feel like I’ve found my calling in this sport and want to be just as big and strong as all my heros.



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