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Expanding Skills

Developing and expanding on personal skills is widely recognised as one of the best ways to become more attractive to potential employers. Many businesses find it hard to find people with the best skills to meet their needs. David, who lives independently, supported by ubu in the North East, has been working hard to gain qualifications and experience so that finding meaningful employment will become an even more realistic goal in the future.

“I would like to find work as a craftsman. I have always enjoyed metal work and so I decided that I wanted to learn some of the key skills I would need to if I wanted to find a job in that field.” With a small amount of support from the ubu team of enablers, David researched even further the training courses that were available in his local area that would suit his specific needs and that help to develop the skills he already has.

“I was surprised by the wide variety of training courses there are available near me” said David. He found the process of looking for further training was easier than he had imagined and that there are lots of opportunities to get help and advice in his community when you know where and whom to ask.

“I managed to find a City and Guilds course that was not only suitable but one that fitted in perfectly with my other weekly activities. It was run by professional trainers at a local college.” David was very keen to sign up for the specialised course on welding but he was fully aware that it would come at a cost to join.

“I was able to use the budgeting skills I had developed over the last few years. I’ve built up this knowledge by taking it step by step, encouraged and supported by my ubu team of enablers who have taught me how to manage finances for myself. I’ve also learnt from the experience of needing to save up for my holidays over the last few years and now feel much more confident.”

David made a real commitment to completing the course. “Once I had decided to save up to pay for the course, it really helped me to stick with it once I got started. I wanted to get the most from my investment and I was determined to succeed!”

“It was hard at first, I was learning things that were really new to me. Metal Inert Gas (MIG) welding is an arc welding technique that is a specialist skill in metal work. At first I found that I couldn’t quite make the straight lines needed in order to complete the variety of welds we had to learn.” David persevered. He was given advice and patient training from his tutors. By practicing and being determined, David never gave up. “I kept going, even when things were hard to do, I was able to complete the welds in exactly the way we were expected to and gain my qualification.”

“Now I have had a taste of real achievement I want to accomplish even more! So I have signed up to start another course this autumn.” His success has given David an incredible boost. “I’ve displayed my City and Guilds Certificate up on the wall for all my friends to see when they visit me and I hope my story will inspire them to try something new for themselves. I’m really chuffed with what I’ve learnt to do”.


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