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Eleventh Day of ubu Christmas: Our Christmas Song Competition

For our ubu Christmas song competition had three fantastic entries, each one very different in style and content.

Paul from Spalding decided to sing “Let it snow” in the style of Dean Martin. Before to coming to be supported to live with more independence by ubu, Paul lived with his ‘Nan’ and ‘Grandpops’ who have now sadly passed away. This song was one of their favourites. Paul remembers the whole family singing along to it together at Christmas. He wanted to share this happy memory and send some Christmas sparkle to everyone.

David who lives independently, enabled by ubu in the North East worked together with one of the ubu team members to really let his creative side shine with his spectacular Christmas rap video. David wrote the rap and helped work on the video editing to create his own music video. The result is quite unique and brilliantly entertaining.

The third song we received is from David who lives in his own flat in York. David says, “The reason I love singing is because it brings people together even when times are hard and lonely. Sometimes people are just in need of a warm hug at Christmas.” David’s song really expresses that generosity. David added “I lost my brother last year and I turned to music to help me through a difficult time in my life. I found it helped me forget about the bad times and focus on the good times we had. I have written songs about my family before and what better way to carry that on than by blending music with Christmas celebrations. Christmas is all about family and friends.”

It was impossible to pick just one person as a winner for our Christmas song competition because they are each so memorable, creative and special. Together they have brought sparkle, entertainment and good wishes at a time of year when we all enjoy feeling the spirit of the season. So we decided that all three of the songs and their performers are wonderful joint winners this year!


Why not, sit back and read more about some of our great successes.

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