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Eighth Day of ubu Christmas Sparkle Celebrations

Sparkling in Scarborough

Just imagine that for 60 years you shared your successes, your deepest worries, your happiness and laughter, your tears and frustration with just one very special person.

This was the life story of Thora, an elderly neighbour from Scarborough. At least it was until she received the devastating news that her husband of those 60 years was ill and that he would very likely become much worse and deteriorate rapidly.

After all those years of being together, Thora couldn’t imagine anyone else caring for her husband but herself. So Thora dedicated herself to looking after him for five years, throughout his illness. She had to contend with her own health problems which made everything even harder. But she never complained for a moment. Thora was determined to give her husband the very best care she could no matter what. Thora was always there for him.

Then sadly at the beginning of this year, after a long battle with his illness, Thora’s husband passed away at home with Thora at his side. You can imagine how difficult her life became. Thora doesn’t go out any more, she has become much frailer and housebound. She is all alone. Thora has no family to care for her or look after her needs, just one elderly neighbour who pops in with a paper whenever they can. The neighbour told team members from ubu that there is no Sparkle in Thora’s life these days. The only other person she sees is the delivery man for her food or the postman.

This year will be the first Christmas she will be spending on her own, without her husband. When people we serve in Scarborough and ubu team members heard about Thora’s story they all agreed that this lady deserved to have a little bit of Sparkle sprinkled into her life. “We knew that we would never be able to make things how they were but we thought we would let her know that we care, that we would be thinking of her at Christmas and that hopefully we can give her a little Christmas cheer a one that will brighten up her day.”

People we serve and their enabling team in Scarborough have used a donation of £50 from ubu to create a fabulous hamper with some special Christmas treats for Thora. “We included a bottle of sherry because we know that she does enjoy an occasional tipple and we hope that it brings a little smile to her face when she opens her hamper.” When the hamper was presented to Thora she said that she was very moved by the gift and that it was wonderful to know that there are people, neighbours and friends, who have been thinking of her. “It has brought some sparkle to my life, thank you so much.”


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