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DVDs to Delight: 'Relive Your Memories' Initiative Brings Joy to Local Nursing Homes!

Hey, everyone! Let me share a fantastic story about turning DVDs into cherished memories. 

 I had this treasure trove of DVDs from various genres, and I found myself pondering what to do with them.

That's when I had a lightbulb moment with my enabling team – why not spread the joy to local nursing and care homes?


With my enabler by my side, we brainstormed a brilliant plan. We created a folder with pictures of the DVDs, making it easier for the elderly to choose.

Now, we needed the perfect name, and after some thoughtful deliberation, 'Relive Your Memories' emerged, encapsulating our goal of helping the elderly rediscover the magic of films from their past.


Armed with our folder, my enablers and I visited local nursing homes, Whiteside Nursing Home was quick to embrace our free DVD lending service.

They eagerly took the 'Relive Your Memories' folder to share with their residents. Once the film choices were made, I happily delivered the DVDs at the agreed lending time.

And voilà, we became a regular source of joy for them.

It warms my heart to contribute to the lives of the elderly, letting them revisit and remember their past through the enchantment of films.

Along the way, I've made wonderful new friends, and I find immense joy in brightening someone else's day.

Plus, I'm hoping to become a befriender there, spreading smiles with my room-lighting smile.


Why not, sit back and read more about some of our great successes.

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