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Doing things I’ve always wanted to do

Theresa lives in Harrogate enabled and supported by ubu. She hasn’t walked out and about in her local area for quite some time. Theresa lets the people around her know that it makes her feel frightened. Recently though, Theresa has made it clear that she is feeling more confident and would like to get out more. Working with her ubu team and her occupational therapist, Theresa has been looking forward to getting a wheelchair which will make journeys much easier for her especially when she travels longer distances from home.

Theresa who is in her 70’s has not seen her family for more than 30 years. “My brother Kevin lives in America and he sent me a lovely letter this year”. It was obviously something truly special for Theresa to have contact with him and to realise that there are people she loves who think about her. She would really love to have more contact with her brother, and her sister who also lives in America, in the future.

The ubu enabling team introduced Theresa to computing tablets which are easy to use and on which she could keep in contact with her family through one of the video messaging services that are available. Embracing this new technology could be another fantastic step forward for Theresa in the future. “I’m going to invite my family to come over from America to visit me in Harrogate. It would be amazing”. For now, Theresa has been working with her enabling team to reply to her brother’s letter telling him all about her life here.

As Theresa’s confidence is growing, she’s showing everyone how much she enjoys engaging with people who come to visit her. Recently she has taken a bold step and ventured out to buy some new clothes at the Shopping Centre and her next step might be to go to church as her religion is really important to her. Finding ways to become more independent is important for everyone, Theresa has shown that no one should ever give up on finding new ways to do the things we’ve always wanted to do.


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