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Doing my own thing

James is a young person who moved into his own home, enabled by ubu toward the end of last year. “I wanted to get a chance to have my own independence and with live in the way I want to. It’s been a steep learning curve to say the least!” James has had to quickly get to grips with lots of new skills and to take responsibility for understanding and dealing with his finances “Budgeting has been a challenge! But it’s also helped me get to grips with things. So, for example, I had to figure out what I needed for my flat, how much it was going to cost and then how to go buy stuff like that”.

James is very keen on football, he’s a proper fan. “In my first month living here, I made friends with another bloke, Mark, who also lives here and he likes football just like I do”. Making friends and getting accepted by your community can be a daunting prospect but finding an interest in common is a great first step for anyone who is setting out to live with greater independence as James has worked out for himself.

“We’ve both recently watched the Manchester United vs Liverpool under 23’s playing at our local Sports Village. It was great and so now we get together to get out and see a match whenever it’s on. Sometimes my friend Mark comes over and we watch football on the television in my flat”.

“Last time Mark came over, I cooked homemade burgers for our tea. I actually really like having my own kitchen to cook what I want, when I want. I’ve found that I really enjoy cooking. I’m thinking that maybe it’s something I could learn to do at college and get some qualifications for the future. Being a cook, working in a restaurant is something I wouldn’t mind trying”.

Having the freedom to choose what you want to do is one of the most important things in gaining independence and becoming the person you could be in the future. “I like to sometimes chill indoors”, says James, “in peace and quiet watching my programmes and playing on my video gamer. But then, on the other hand I now enjoy going out with my friends. I’ve started playing for the pool team at my local pub once or twice a week, it’s really brilliant. I’ve started to meet people and make new friends too”.

Whenever James has needed any reassurance or support, the ubu enabling team have been around, but he is really the person leading what’s happening in his life and for the first time ever. “I’ve been finding out about signing up to join a football team at the Sports Village on a Monday night because I love playing football and keeping myself fit and healthy”.

The ubu enabling team is always on hand to help James to remember some of the very ordinary things he has to deal with day to day like keeping appointments and keeping up with bills and shopping. “It’s been a great start, living here for the last few months, I’m already feeling more in control of what’s happening and really beginning to have my independence at last!”



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