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Detective Woody Solves The Case

Hello, everyone!

My name is Andrew; I live in Bramley and I have recently joined an art group.

Joining the art group was quite a big development for me. I like to do my art and my drawing privately in my flat and I do not share my artwork with other people. I was very nervous about doing any art publicly before my first session with the group.

My enabling team knew that I enjoyed art and drawing in my own home and they encouraged me to draw up enough courage to pick up my pens within a group setting. They were very supportive of my art and told me that I had talent and that it was amazing.

My team helped me to find an art group that was right for me; where I could showcase my talent, develop my artistic skills and build my confidence. We found the perfect group for me. It was called ‘Pyramids of Arts’ and it is based in Beeston, Leeds.

I was nervous about going at first, but my enabling team helped me by giving me the confidence that I needed to walk in the door for the first time. They helped me to feel comfortable in going back the next week and the week after that. For me, going to my art group isn’t just about feeling confident to attend; it’s about making sure that I have everything I need to attend and getting ready for the right time.

Now, I’ve been going along to ‘Pyramids of Arts’ for weeks! While I was sure that I wouldn’t enjoy it, I actually really love it. Going to my art group helps to shape my week. It means that there’s something to look forward to and I can plan my other activities around going.

Being part of my art group gives me a great sense of accomplishment - I actually feel proud of myself.

What We Do In Group

In our art group recently, we have had to think of a story that ignites our imagination. What set my thoughts on fire was a character that I developed myself - ‘Woody the Detective’. Every week that I went, we continued with the story that we were working on. We’d create pictures and develop a narrative around it.

Every great detective needs a great name and so I chose Woody. I believe that a detective worth their salt needs his briefcase, his hat, a magnifying glass and – of course - a car! My detective travels to the investigation, looking for clues. He visits many houses along the way, travelling down many winding roads. At one point, Woody even gets chased by tanks! But nothing is too much for my detective! And just like every fantastic detective, he manages solves the case!

Woody’s success rate on his cases was so good that I made ‘Woody’ a medal for his bravery!

I am very proud of my achievement and I’m already busy thinking up even more cases to solve!


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