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Dementia's demise

Have you ever woken up in your home wondering where you are or who you are, forgot how to make a cup of tea even though you have been doing it for years? Well that’s what Dementia does and I can tell you all about it because I have it.

I spent many years living with ubu tottering off to café’s, going out for lunch with lifelong friends and watching the local operatic society perform marvelous melodies, socializing and a good chitchat was what I was all about but one day the world around me seemed to start crumbling and I couldn’t make it out like I used to.

I began needing more support to do the things that used to come so naturally to me and confusion was something that was becoming all too familiar, when I visited my GP I was diagnosed with Dementia and the news hit me like a brick wall “Why Me?” I thought, I couldn’t, no I wouldn’t let this stop me from being me! One day on my way into drama group my mind just went blank, “Where am I?”, “Who are these people?”, “Please somebody stop this noise!” I didn’t go many more times after that.

Having Dementia didn’t mean my life stopped in its tracks and was at the end of its line, I just got off my current train and stepped foot onto a new one. With support from my enabling team I began looking at other activities I could join in with such as arts and crafts, sing-a-long events and it still didn’t stop me having a good natter with my friends and family.

Recently whilst watching TV I saw an advert for a dementia cupcake day and it was something I really wanted to get involved with and share with the people living in my home. With some support I arranged my very own Dementia cupcake day, I created invitations and sent them to friends, family, neighbors and members of the Church and Social group I attend. We had so much fun creating cupcakes for the day and getting everything prepared.

My dementia cupcake day arrived, the sun was beaming and the guests began pouring in. The day went down an absolute treat and so did the cupcakes! In the end we raised a whopping £52.20 for Alzheimer’s UK and I couldn’t of been prouder!

I will not let Dementia be the end, instead let it be me living today!

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