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Defying Dementia

Imagine how it would feel if one day you woke up, got up had breakfast then started your day but the faces of people you should know, you don’t recognize? As time goes on you begin to forget friends names, their faces, then your families names and faces. This is how it is for Barnaby, a gentleman enabled by ubu, who’s memory has declined significantly over the past couple of years due to dementia, and he wanted to share his story with us.

“I have struggled to do certain tasks on my own, recognise faces and remember people who are close to me. My family are very important to me, especially my sister Harriet. I get so excited when she is coming to see me.” Barnaby is filled with joy when his sister comes to visit, they are very close and share such a special relationship.

“My sister used to live nearby but she had to move down to Shropshire and we don’t see each other as much as we used to because it’s so far to travel.” After struggling with phoning her, I wanted to try something else. “I started to save up to buy a tablet so that I could keep in contact with my sister more easily.”

“I was supported to set up an account, download skype and use the internet to speak with Harriet. I don’t really understand how it all works but I love seeing her face on the screen and talking to her. I take my tablet with me everywhere so that whatever I am doing I can take pictures and share them with her later.”

Not only does the tablet enable Barnaby to keep in close contact with his sister, but he also uses it to train his memory. “I play memory games on it and it’s helping me with my Dementia. I just like being able to skype my sister whenever I want, I love seeing her face and sharing what I do with her.”

Barnaby and his sister share such a close relationship and their connection remains the same despite struggles with distance and dementia. Life can still be lived independently and actively despite dementia and that is what Barnaby is enabled to do. His dementia isn’t something that is stopping him from achieving what he wants. Barnaby has found ways to combat the hardships dementia brings but thrives in his ability to overcome these hardships, and continue cherishing his relationship with his sister, his friends and enablers, the memories he has made and continues to make.


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