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Dear Maissie

Dear Maissie,

You were truly a dog of great character and leadership, your brought joy to many and shone through the crowd giving love to all of those who needed it. You were all too familiar with violence and witnessed it first hand, maybe you never expected to be rescued from the clutches of your “owner” until the woman you now call mum came and swept you up into her arms and vowed to keep you safe until the last of your days. You never let the past get in your way and touched all who knew you with your kindness and love.

Maisie was born into a home full of violence and abuse until she was rescued by a woman named Netty, Netty showed Maissie what true unconditional love was and everything good in the world which shaped her into the dog she was until her final day.

Whilst she was growing up Maissie decided to take a leap over a fence and met a handsome Bijon Frise, I think you can gather what happened next! A few weeks later Chutzpah was born! During that moment she brought about the introduction of furry therapy employees at ubu, the rest is history!

Maissie passed away peacefully on Sunday the 1st of July 2018, she made her mark on ubu and it will always be there. She helped many people with their fears and that help will never be forgotten.

You will be missed by all of us at ubu and your memory will be forever in our hearts.

Folow us @ubusupport


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