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Day 8 of ubu’s Unite@Christmas

Our eighth ‘Sparkle’ Event and the Homemade Christmas Decoration Competition

This year the people served by ubu chose a theme for our traditional seasonal celebrations - ‘Unite@Christmas’. We hold events and celebration parties to bring everyone together, to enjoy each other’s company, to share the happiness and excitement that most of us are fortunate enough to experience and to bring some ‘sparkle’ to other people’s lives whenever we can.

At this time of year there are lots of people who don’t have their family around to help them celebrate. It’s often the case that these are elderly people, sometimes isolated, living on their own without friends and family to visit with regularly especially at this time of year. “With this in mind I spoke to me family and asked where we could go to help bring some Christmas cheer. They suggested that my friends and I visit some of our elderly neighbours. So we got ourselves organised to make some cakes. We arranged to go and visit, take our cakes and to sing Christmas carols for them too.” Says Kevin who is enabled to live with independence by ubu in Nottingham.

“We purchased funny Christmas signs too, some of which you can see in the photographs. I really like these and know that they help to make other people smile and enjoy themselves.” Kevin and his friends visited a local care home for elderly people with the plan to bring some sparkle and fun to people who might otherwise feel a bit left out.

“We went over one afternoon and spent a lot of time with the people who live there, talking about the past and talking about their families. We laughed and sang, ate cakes and drank gallons of tea. Everyone seemed to really enjoy us being there and we had fun too!”

Our competition today was for homemade Christmas Decorations and we sang “Deck the Halls with Boughs of Holly” which seemed really appropriate. The quality of the entries we received was incredibly high but we really enjoyed the effort and craft that went into the decoration made by Dennis from Middlesbrough. It also made us giggle which can’t be a bad thing either. Barbara from Harrogate baked her Christmas decorations and then painted them with bright and beautiful colours.


Why not, sit back and read more about some of our great successes.

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