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Day 14 of ubu’s Unite@Christmas

Our Fourteenth ‘Sparkle’ Event and Hub Christmas Pantomime Parade

At the Hub in Harrogate we got together with people we serve and the ubu Team members to talk about finding a way to make our theme for this year, ‘Unite@Christmas’ something sparkling. We’ve thought a lot about the experiences and feelings that we share and have in common. We all agree that It means joining together, engaging with one another, sharing happiness and offering kindness wherever we can.

ubu’s Christmas ‘Sparkle’ events have become something many of the people we serve look forward to each year. We look for special ways to bring some light and sparkling happiness into the lives of people who need it in our local communities. It might be a single person, a family or sometimes a group of people who have had to face a very difficult time recently and deserve a treat. Sometimes it’s someone who has given up their time to help others and deserves being recognised for their caring.

The ubu Hub Team decided to nominate a local mum, Kirsty. Linda, one of several people in our Team who knows Kirsty says, “I just find her to be an amazing mother and person! She has four children, the oldest being only eleven years old.

She is a single mum and works part time. Her life is her children, and they come first no matter what. Yet she still finds time to have 1-1 time with each of them every week, doing something that each particular child enjoys, and does all her own decorating. Something that did make me smile a lot was when her son, Conor, was supposed to have a day out at an adventure playground with a friend but it had to be cancelled. The little guy was gutted! So whilst he was taking a nap she collected anything she could find and made him his own obstacle course in the back garden, using brushes, wheelbarrows, buckets, anything she could find!! He had a great time. It just shows people that children don’t need expensive toys, they need parents who truly care about making them happy in any way possible.

taken on, she has even found time to help several Homeless charities collecting clothing, bedding etc and has spent evenings in both Leeds and Harrogate distributing items to those in need. Kirsty makes the effort to care for her family and everyone she comes into contact with, even when no one knows that she’s going ‘the extra mile’ on their behalf.

We decided to give her and her young family the opportunity to go to the Winter Wonderland Adventure at Stockheld Park, near Harrogate. You can see from the video below what a brilliant time everyone had. It was really lovely to be able to give Kirsty and her children a fabulous day out and an adventure they will remember as being truly sparkling. We sent them along with a picnic, for which Kirsty was especially grateful because when you when have four children it can become very expensive! Afterwards Kirsty said “This adventure has really made our Christmas, we could never have managed anything like this without the kindness of the ubu and the people you serve. Thank you everyone and Happy Christmas!”

Our fourteenth Unite@Christmas celebration at the Hub today was an extravaganza of Pantomime characters. We had jokes, little panto-inspired sketches and various characters ‘sashayed’ across the room to encouraging applause and cheers from everyone present. We sang along to “Merry Christmas Everyone” by Slade which has almost become a Christmas anthem these days. It was all a lot of fun. We were all truly grateful to have the this time to see old friends, dance and sing, enjoying each other’s company and sharing the spirit of the season together. Merry Christmas Everyone!

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