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Day 11 of ubu’s Unite@Christmas

Our eleventh ‘Sparkle’ Event and Christmas Video and Photograph Competition

In Wigan, a group of people served by ubu wanted to find a way to make a real difference to people lives in their area. “We found The Brick Project which is a small group who offer help to people who are homeless, in poverty or facing debt difficulties in our town” says Paul who is enabled to live independently by ubu in Wigan.

As its name says, The Brick Project is a safe place, that gives people solid building blocks when things aren’t good and things just aren’t going right for them”. The Project which is run by volunteers helps them to begin to build a new life and find their place as a valuable members of society. “We understand that,” says Paul, “ubu is all about helping me to be a better and more active citizen and we thought what The Brick Project does was great too”.

“They have a food bank which gets its donations from businesses and people in our community. We thought that we could bring a bit of sparkle to the food bank by using some of the money donated by ubu to put together some food hampers with nice things for people to enjoy over Christmas”.

“Once we had put our hampers together I was able to go over to the Brick Project food bank and handed over our parcels to the staff there.” Paul was made up that he and his ubu friends and neighbours could give someone useful and a little bit special to people who might be less fortunate than him. “I was well pleased that our parcels would mean that there would be people who get something good to eat over Christmas. What made the whole thing even better was being able to lend a hand to the volunteers at the Project to box things up and get them ready for the Christmas holidays in the food bank while I was there.

At the Hub in Harrogate we got into the swing of the week before Christmas by singing “All I want for Christmas is you”. We all really had a lot of fun today and it was made even better with a quick viewing of a Christmas video made by David from Harrogate who loves making films and taking pictures. We think his entry in our competition was great!

Then Donald, also from Harrogate sent us this glamorous photograph entitled “Elf – Moderne Coulture”. We thought his photograph had to be a winner too


Why not, sit back and read more about some of our great successes.

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