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Day 10 of ubu’s Unite@Christmas

Our tenth ‘Sparkle’ Event and Christmas Recipe Competition

Amanda from Spalding wrote to say “At this time of year there are lots of people who don’t have their family around to help them celebrate Christmas. After talking with my friends and neighbours in Spalding where we live, enabled by ubu we decided to do something together to make life a little bit better for people who might be lonely this Christmas. We got in touch with a local organisation, the Pennygate Foundation who helped us to decide on a place to visit where we could help bring some festive cheer and ‘sparkle’ to other people.

We choose to go to Southfield Nursing Home where elderly people live and are cared for. Some of them get sad and lonely at Christmas because they miss their families and friends from the past. We wanted to find a way to make them happy. We baked homemade mince pies and Christmas Cakes at home to take with us and let the nursing home staff know when we were going to visit and what we planned to do.

Roger and I went along with everything we’d made. There were lots of people there and they were very welcoming and seemed to really enjoy the time we spent chatting with them. It was nice to have something special to share with the ladies and gentlemen who live in the nursing home. As we gave out the cakes we’d made some of the people said that it reminded them of when they were young and of happy Christmas’s from the past.

We talked with the people we met about what they would be doing over the Christmas period and what we were going to be getting up to. It was lovely to spend time just having a conversation with someone and knowing that it would make a big difference to their day. Later on we sang some traditional Christmas carols together. It was magical.

I enjoyed it so much that I asked the staff there if I could go back closer to Christmas and see everyone again. They said that would be great and I was asked if I wanted to come and visit every week as most of the people who live there don’t really get many visitors.

So our Christmas visit to bring a bit of sparkle to other people in our community will go on into the New Year. We think that it’s lovely that something in away so little has become something so big and valuable to ourselves and other people too.”

Meanwhile at the Hub in Harrogate we are getting very excited about how close we are to Christmas now. We got together today to celebrate our tenth day of ‘Unite@Christmas’ with a fun event that included a good old fashioned sing song. Today we sang along to “It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas”, which it is with all our twinkling lights and colourful decorations. Our competition today was for best Christmas recipes and we had some crackers sent in!

We really like this one from Thomas, Mark, William, Terry, Hayley Karen and Carl who all live in Wigan, enabled by ubu:



Heap of Kindness

Head full of thoughtfulness

Lots of Giggles and Laughter

Warm smiles

A few kind words

You will need:

Just yourself, a few friends to help and a little time

Instructions :

Add all the ingredients and mix well

Decorate with Happiness

Then to serve:

Share with everyone for a Special Christmas!!!


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