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David’s Sponsored Cycle Ride

Hello my name is David. I share my home in Harrogate with two friends. We are all supported and enabled by ubu to live with greater independence. I have always been passionate about two things in my life, animals and cycling. I decided to find a way to join these interests together than with a sponsored cycle ride. My friends have been very supportive and encouraged me to find a way to make this happen.

I wanted to set myself a goal for this year and raise some money for a charity that is special to me and I chose Moor View Rescue. They look after dogs that have been lost, neglected, abused and give them a chance to find new loving owners. I got in touch with Moor View and explained that I was planning on doing a sponsored cycle ride in September to raise money for the charity and they were really pleased and encouraging.

I decided that I would set myself a target of a 10 mile cycle ride. As I live in Harrogate I would start here and follow the circular route around Harrogate cycle tracks and back again. 10 miles may not seem to be a lot to some but it is perfect distance for me. This was the longest cycle I have ever done and the ubu enabling team supported me by cycling with me and took part in the challenge with me.

I knew I would have to train for my sponsored cycle. So I went out every day with the enabling team pushing myself that bit further. I could feel I was getting much fitter and stronger and my confidence grew. I knew I could complete in the cycle ride with ease and enjoy myself too!

In order for me to raise the money I was hoping from my sponsored ride, the team helped me set up a ‘Just Giving Page’, so I could receive sponsorship over the internet from family and friends. I also went around my local community with a sponsor form so I could explain what I was doing and how important animal welfare is to me.

On the day of the ride I was really excited but anxious. From the start I was determined to complete the journey in one go. It did get tough at times and I did get tired but I continued with my determination. My friends and family were cheering me on at the finish line and I was so happy to see them. I had an amazing day and I really enjoyed myself. I am very proud of my achievement and I am determined to do it again next year.

Once I had collected the money from different sponsors the enabling team helped me work out how much I had raised. My goal was £150 but I raised £200 thanks to all my gen