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Couch to 5K

With all gyms and swimming pools closed when the country went into lockdown I needed something to do and also some exercise so I decided to take up running by following the BBC Get Inspired Couch to 5K App.

When I started I could not run as far as 100 metres without being out of breath but by using the App I completed 3 runs each week with each one being increased each time say from running just for a minute then walking then running another minute right up to week nine when I ran for a full 30 minutes without stopping and without being out of breath. I was even encouraged as I ran by my own personal trainer Sarah Millican (comedian) speaking to me in my ear as I ran – you had a choice of four celebrities!

I decided I wanted to do something to mark my achievement so on Summer Solstice I took part in a 5K Sponsor Run organised by Sue Ryder Care who do such good work providing hospice care and at the moment are struggling for funds due to most of their fundraising events and Charity shops been closed. Rather than a race with other people we just had to run the 5K between the hours of daylight on Summer Solstice (20 June). I completed my 5K in 37 minutes and 38 seconds which I was very pleased with and managed to raise £150 for a great cause as I ran.

What next – 10K maybe!

Debra Hardcastle


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