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Charlotte and Nathan's Purr-fect Journey: From Rescuing Jasper to Volunteering at a Cattery – Cat Cu

Hey everyone, it's Charlotte and Nathan, and we've got a story about our feline friend, Jasper. We rescued him during COVID, and he's become an integral part of our lives.  Jasper didn't have the best start – a part of his life was spent as a stray with no one to care for him.


Our love for Jasper caught the eye of our enablers, and they suggested something – why not use our caregiving skills to help our local community? This sparked an idea – considering the growing number of abandoned cats, why not volunteer at a Cattery to lend a helping hand?


With our enabler's support, we searched the internet, seeking nearby Catteries. Lo and behold, we found one conveniently on our bus route, so we arranged a meet-up with Angela, the lady in charge. We had a chat, went through the daily routine, checked if we were comfortable, and, well, we were thrilled! With our enablers by our side, we delved into the paperwork, learned the ropes of volunteering, and tackled health and safety. Our enablers joined us initially to guide us through the role.

Now, we confidently hop on the bus, do our thing, and have fun together. Twice a week, we clean the cat pens, fix up bedding, and, of course, indulge in some quality cat cuddles and strokes!


Angela is over the moon with our efforts, she even invited us out for a meal to express her gratitude for our hard work. We genuinely love spending time with Angela, tending to the cats, and making a difference in their lives.



Why not, sit back and read more about some of our great successes.

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