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  • Theo Chatzakis

Careworkers in Darlington

Darlington Council is offering some benefits to people to join the care workforce in the area.

Darlington Borough Council has allocated some funding through the Government’s Workforce Retention and Recruitment Fund to provide a well-being offer to paid carers, ancillary staff, and front-line management as a way of thanking them for the dedication, and commitment, and care they have demonstrated over the covid pandemic.

The well-being offer is as follows:

Personal Wellbeing

12 month Corporate Membership at the Dolphin Centre

Includes gym, pool and traditional classes. The gym team are G.P. Referral qualified so can deal with various medical conditions.

The Get Results service is included which is ongoing 1:1 support and programmes tailored to each individual to help them reach their exercise goal.

Family Wellbeing Voucher Pack

10 vouchers to visit the following family activities to use throughout the year

3 x Free Family Bowling

3 x Free Family Soft Play

3 x Free Family Swimming

1 x Half Price Panto Tickets for up to 4 people.

The application process is simple, once you have contacted the team via telephone or email- arrangements will be made for you to show your ID to the staff at the eligible venues. They will be issued with the membership or vouchers for the family wellbeing offer.

To all our Darlington staff, make sure you take a look at these packages.



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