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Bright, Bold and Beautiful Bingo

Eyes down for a full house with ubu Hub bingo!

What a night! With our first bingo night so well received by everyone, we thought it was time to get our second one up and running. This time, our June bingo night was planned for Friday 16 June in the Bilton Working Men’s Club in Harrogate.

As with so many things that we organise, we know that people have come to expect our events to be that little bit extra-special and our bingo night would not be the exception to that rule!

Making sure that the theme for our event would be fun but easily accessible, our team decided that a Bright, Bold and Beautiful dress code would be the perfect way to mark the occasion.

And our crowd did not disappoint! All of our attendees came dressed to impress, with bright colours, amazing patterns and some far-out outfits that brought the smiles with them!

Getting a Pizza the Action

Our evening kicked off with a pizza feast for all. Plenty of slices were eaten – which is amazing as there was so much chatter and happy laughter taking place.

The excitement was already at fever pitch but we love to sing and enjoyed a few fan favourite songs to get us ready for the main event. With so many wonderful outfits on display, we also had some groovy movers on the dance floor to throw some shapes before the bingo.

Our bingo caller did not disappoint, with hoots of laughter matching the calls. Our bingo was a massive success with all prizes being snapped up over the course of the evening. Our prizes were well received – especially our giant inflatable unicorn!

Our second bingo event was a night filled with laughter, excitement and a lot of amazing dance moves.

Thank you to everyone who could come and please look out for bingo night number three, coming soon!


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