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  • Theo Chatzakis

Blackpool recruitment event

On 29 March Blackpool hosted a very creative recruitment event to help people sign up and to meet some of the People We Support.

The staff in Blackpool has been planning this event for a few weeks, to make sure everything is ready for the big day. They booked the Spencer Court Community Centre for the venue, advertised the occasion, and had lots of excitement to meet new people and talk about the work they do at ubu.

They took this opportunity to not only sign new employees but to also give the people we support the chance to grow their businesses by holding a small easter market. They each made and sell items at the event and feel so proud of the outcome. There were so many different creations, from cards and art to cakes, easter creations, jewellery, handmade items, and spring plants.

There was a tombola, coffee and tea and this made £30 towards the Dementia Charity which Gemma is walking for this month.

The day was great fun we talked to people about recruitment and what is it like to be working for ubu. They could see and meet the people we support and talk to some of our staff.

Plans are already underway for the Summer Recruitment event. We are hoping each time they will grow bigger and we have more people attend as word gets around.


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