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Be the change

Finding ways to effect change in any well-established organisation can be a challenge. Embracing change every day generates tremendous energy. The way colleagues respond to the needs of the people who rely on us to give them enabling support transforms and changes to meet their needs constantly. So each person can live the life they want to, our responsibility as health and social care and enabling providers, is to assist them responsibly, while respecting and celebrating their uniqueness. This truly is a transformational journey, led by the people we serve and facilitated by our excellent enabling teams.

Reaching the goal of more independence and the activity to become who you could be is no mean feat to achieve for any of us. As you know it doesn’t happen overnight. Moving forward and changing the way we live, the way we work and the way we manage our relationships can sometimes be a bit of a bumpy ride. But, as with any challenge worth undertaking, what seems difficult today, once overcome, will certainly make us remember it with fondness and gratitude for having tried and succeeded.

We have always believed it is essential to be one of many leaders in understanding the need to respond to change. Our challenge has always been to be at the forefront of finding ways to adapt to new possibilities and ways of working.

Our role is to enable vulnerable people, who have often been excluded and even ‘incarcerated’ by institutions and the perceptions of much of society, to reach their dreams. In the past they have found themselves regularly consigned to lives without obvious purpose or the opportunities to make meaningful contributions within their local communities.

By standing up with the people we serve, we all reject this lack of respect and clarity, understanding that we all have a right to be treated equally as citizens. The failure to show kindness, compassion and an inability to show openness in seeing what makes us unique individuals is not being human.

We reject the illegal, dangerous and abusive ways of working witnessed at Winterbourne at the beginning of this decade and the terrible failures to provide appropriate care like those that led to the death of an 18 year old man living with autism, Connor Sparrowhawk. More recently we find ourselves shocked and saddened that at the end of the second decade of the 21st century, that there are still hundreds of people who remain ‘locked up’ in mental health institutions simply for want of the right place to be properly supported.

ubu demands change!

We are determined to make change happen in every act of enabling support we undertake. The people we serve have always been able to rely on us and other ‘human’ organisations to make a real difference. We do this by innovating and pioneering exciting and effective ways in the enabling support they receive. This is only achieved by thoughtfully trained and compassionate teams.

We join those who are also at the forefront of developing the emerging assistive technologies which are making the daily lives of the people we serve easier and ensuring that they are better supported. We have developed new approaches to positive behavioural stress techniques, as well as a unique and bespoke approach to holistic and comprehensive lifestyle plans. Our priority is always to teach and train our teams in delivering responsively and responsibly, being completely accountable for all our actions, fully and meaningfully engaged and in demonstrating our commitment to excellence in everything we say and do, even

when no one is looking.

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