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Apprenticeship Diploma why you should

At 62 I never really thought I would be doing what I have always classed as ‘schoolwork’ again.

I left school with a few CSE’s as they were called back then but I never went to college or university or studied for any other qualifications.


Did I ever think that I would choose to do a Diploma?

I don’t think that I had thought that I would, but I always strive to be the very best I can be at my job and ensure that I have all the skills and knowledge I needed to do this effectively.

Don’t get me wrong, it was a bumpy road and I had ups and downs while completing my diploma, but I was determined I was going to finish it and get the absolute most out of it.

My assessor helped me when I was struggling and helping me to find ways to make things a little easier.


By completing this qualification, I have certainly learned about things that I didn’t know about before.

Not only has my knowledge improved, but I can and do use it and the skills I developed along the way, in my daily professional life. My confidence has improved along with the self-belief in my abilities to provide the highest level of support that I can, to the people I serve, and confidently share my learning with colleagues.


I am so pleased that I stuck with my learning, saw it through to the end and completed the diploma. I am very proud of my achievement, as is everyone at ubu. I am also relieved that I was able to see it through to the end.


If you would like to do a diploma with ubu please speak with your Support Team Leader.



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