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Anything can be achieved with an idea and team effort

It is surprising what an idea can lead to if you all get together and work as a team, everyone has different skills, different things to bring to the table that when combined can make something amazing.

One of the supports had a storeroom, it was a large store room filled with stuff, brooms, old furniture, cleaning things. During a house meeting people came up with the idea of having somewhere they could meet up for games, coffee, somewhere they could host events, do things together and so it’s started ……..

Word and conversations started with families, staff and the idea started to come to life, I can help clear it out, I am good at painting, I have an old couch, I can make some curtains and so it went on.

Project meeting needed they thought, everyone had roles, everyone brought their skill, their donations and so it began, good fun, laughter, working together started to bring this.

Rhyl Street now has its own, games room, place to meet up, place to hold events for their neighbors, craft events and coffee mornings, so watch this space for more news on what we hold


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