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Amazing Macmillan Support

Wow! Look how the enthusiastic support for amazing Macmillan services spread throughout ubu in Harrogate, the North East, East Midlands and York. Each area of ubu hosted their own Coffee Mornings and all had an incredible day raising both money and awareness for those affected by cancer throughout the UK.

Robert, Colin and others fulfilled their wish to host a Macmillan Coffee Morning after seeing adverts on the television. “Oh I’d like to that, have coffee and cake... and it can have an impact even though it’s so simple.” So Robert started to think about how to organise such an event and after registering with Macmillan he received a pack with decorations, balloons and fundraising equipment.

“I sorted out a list of people who we should invite. I invited local houses in York and a few neighbours and friends. I sent out the invitations by post and by hand.” After waiting for the responses from his invitations, Robert waited patiently until the day of the event. “I woke up that morning and I was buzzing, coffee morning day! The day literally started just after breakfast where we all put the final touches on the cakes and buns.”

Robert had the atmosphere just right and as people arrived they couldn’t stop saying how nice the place looked. “Everyone was tucking into cake as soon as they arrived! Some people even brought their own cakes they had made. It was such a success!”

Further north in North Tyneside, others in ubu had a ‘Let’s Do Lunch’ for Macmillan which was attended by lots of people too. There was everything imaginable, from sandwiches to biscuits, from a hedgehog cake, that was raffled to raise more money, to tea c

akes. Everyone was fully engaged in this event and donated so much money to the cause. Emily from the North East, serenaded the lunch, “everyone was singing along and dancing, the cakes were delicious too.”

In the East Midlands others hosted Coffee Mornings. Trudy hosted a coffee morning in honour of her mum, “I wanted to hold a Coffee Morning myself because my mum passed away from cancer. I wanted to help people who have been through what I have, I wanted to give back to the community. We enjoyed baking together and decorating all the cakes.”

Another of our services, in Louth, hosted their Coffee Morning and paid special attention to those who were trying to eat healthy before the Christmas season began. “We had a slimming world banoffee pie for some people, we also had cookies brownies and on top of everything else a gluten free chocolate cake.” The ladies who hosted the event also ran some games, there was guess the height of the cake and cake bingo. “The winners also put their winnings back into the donations box, how generous is that?”

All together ubu has raised £1200 for Macmillan Cancer Research and Support. The incredible generosity of so many people has meant that our communities have come together to help fight the cancer battle. We can’t wait to see what next year’s Coffee Morning will be like, let’s hope it’s even more successful in helping people who live with and suffer from cancer.


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