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Adrian’s Fundraising Update

Hi, it’s Adrian again. Do you remember me? I’ve been very busy this year, raising funds for my local community. The last time I got in touch, I shared news of my tombola – and the party that I ran to bring people together (and buy as many tombola tickets as possible!). Supported by my ubu team I was able to generate lots of funds that could be put to a good use. It was a great experience and it’s given me a taste of fundraising success. My team had a chat with me and told me that you’d all love to hear what I’ve been up to since my tombola. It’s time for an update and I can tell you that I have been very, very busy

My ubu support team have been brilliant at helping me to fill in my fundraising barometer as I go! The great news is that I’m well on track for achieving my goal.

What I’ve Been Up To?

After my last fundraiser, I knew that the tombola had been a great idea. It was simple but it allowed everyone to share in something. Everyone got a prize and had fun AND I was able to raise funds for my community.

What I Could Do Next?

Working with my support team, we discussed a few different options for my next event or project. My tombola idea would take some beating but we didn’t give up and, eventually, we landed on a fantastic idea….!

Football Fun

Plenty of ideas flew around but one that stood out was something to do with one of my greatest passions, Blackpool FC. I love watching Blackpool play football and I wondered if there was something that I could do that would bring my two big loves together.

And there was!

I decided to do a football card game with all of the ubu support teams around Blackpool. It might sound confusing, but it was really simple. The first thing we did was to source some football cards online. My ubu supporters and I ordered these and within a few days, they arrived.

Once we had them, we sent them out to all of the ubu support teams in Blackpool, as well as my friends. Everyone that had a football card could then choose the correct team and the chance to win a prize. Everyone loved my idea and it raised some more money to boost my fundraising barometer. It was another huge success.

What’s Next for Us

And, again, we’re back in the position of following a great fundraising idea with another one. It’s a tough gig but I think that we’re up to the task – especially if we work together!

Working with my ubu support team, we’ll continue to raise funds, edging ever closer to the top of my barometer – and my target. Then. I’ll be able to give the money I’ve raised to my chosen charity. I really enjoy doing this. Seeing everyone have fun and watching the total climb after every event shows me what I can achieve.

So, with Halloween, Bonfire Night and Christmas coming up, we have lots of things that my staff team are helping me to think about organising. I love everyone coming together, having fun and seeing all my friends and family. I also love all the work my staff are helping me to do - hopefully, I can make a difference for others as people have supported me throughout my life.

For my fundraising efforts, I’ve also been on the Grow the Roses Wall! I am very proud of this - go and have a look to see if you can see me.



Why not, sit back and read more about some of our great successes.

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