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Adapting approaches

What a world it would be if everything went according to plan, that there were no obstacles in our way and we all had the ability to do as we please but in reality that just isn’t the case. Many of us have to find new approaches and methods of dealing with the barriers we face on a daily basis. These don’t have to just be physical they can also be emotional and below are a few stories of how people supported by ubu have overcome them.

Tina’s Story:

Hello my name is Tina and I would like to familiarise you with my new mobility car! Since having it the experiences and activities I have been able to join in have been absolutely extraordinary and this is the story of how it came about.

More often than not I do enjoy a long walk with my Enabling team around my local community but knowing the dangers around me, especially busy roads can be lacking at times. With this being the case my Enabling team discussed the option of a mobility car, I could be safe and also have the freedom of movement I had been wanting without the hassle of those pesky busy roads.

Myself, my Enabling Team and my family explored if having the car would be in my best interest and after some long thoughtful discussions the outcome was that it definitely would be, especially if it helped me to get out and about more. A few days later I was supported to travel to a nearby car dealership to find a car that could meet all my personal needs and expectations!

As a very ‘’girly girl,’’ I wanted to find the perfect car, something that looked stylish and fabulous that would reflect my personality the best! Having been shown so many different car models I finally found ‘the one’. A beautiful Citreon C3 in a captivating white, I could also have it personalised with a sparkling pink roof!

To make the most of my mobility car, some of my Enabling Team have taken steps to enable them to become authorised drivers of my car. With it I have been supported to go to more locations than ever before and it really has revealed new experiences for me and opened me up to so many different and exciting activities so that I now really do have a full, busy and active life.

Anna’s Story:

Hi, my name is Anna and up until recently I haven’t really had much to do with my mum, in the past we have had a very rocky relationship which left me feeling unwanted, not loved and abandoned at times. Although this was the case I desired so desperately to still have some kind of positive relationship with her but I felt it would only be a matter of time before I was let down again.

I decided to take a leap of faith and arranged to see my mum in the town centre, people can change after all, but the night before our meeting a downpour of worry and anxiety fell upon me and all I thought was that she just wouldn’t turn up. As I sat down on the bus to town the next day my hands and eyes were fixated on my phone awaiting the dreaded text that she wasn’t coming. There was no text. I got off the bus thinking things would be different yet as I looked around she wasn’t in sight.

I felt anxious, sad and betrayed that she wasn’t there but as I was about to turn back my mum came walking round the corner, streamlining towards me giving me a massive hug and a kiss on the cheek, the worry disappeared and all that was shining through was my happiness. It was in the afternoon so we decided to go to McDonald’s for something to eat.

We chatted about where I had been on holiday and I showed off my new phone that I had recently bought, although I think it went a little bit over her head. I also mentioned I had arranged a day out in York to get some new clothes and to go around the dungeons.

The day was slowly coming to a close and we talked about possibly seeing each other again, it was something we both wanted and to make sure we didn’t become overwhelmed we agreed that twice a month would be a good step in the right direction. My mum walked me to my bus stop, giving me a hug and a kiss goodbye and telling me to take care.

I do hope that my mum will stay in touch as I’m quite excited to build a relationship with her and when we do next meet we have decided to go bowling, I am excited about the future we could have and it was lovely seeing her again, hopefully our next meet is just as positive!

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