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  • Theo Chatzakis

2 years and 300 miles later…

Hello, my name is Colin and I live in Scarborough. I have spent most of my life living in London and Berkshire but relocated to Scarborough last September to be near my family. I was due to move 2 years ago but COVID stopped that from happening.

All my family lives in North Yorkshire and I’m happy to be living near them now. I hadn’t seen my mum for 2 years because of COVID. My elder brother lives about 10 minutes away, and my younger brother and his family live in York. We are a very close family and I missed them while I was living in Bracknell.

Sadly, my mum recently died on October 22 it was lovely to spend some time with her before her passing. I shall miss her, but I am thankful for the additional time I spent with my mum. Mum took me all over the world Italy, Australia, and India for holidays. I am going to do a speech at her funeral and thank her for all that she did for me.

It took a while to move up because of COVID, but I couldn’t be happier. I have my own floor and I really value the space and privacy this offers me. In my last place, I spent most of my time in my room watching TV, but now I get to go out with support, and I love the fact that I am so close to the shops which are all within walking distance which helps me with my exercise.

Since moving to ubu they have supported me to find a day service close to my home and I now go there 3 days a week. I have really missed this type of activity and haven’t been to a day service for many years. ubu knew this would help me settle in, not just a new home, but a completely new area, and I now have a wider network of friends thanks to this.

ubu has also been supporting me to develop many new skills. I am now starting to manage my finances thanks to ubu who has devised a system to help me understand saving. Part of that is to help me understand that I need to save if I want new things. I saved up enough money to go and see Christine Aguilera back in August.

I will need to keep this up as next year I am planning to visit India to meet up with my relatives there. I do miss my friends in Bracknell, but we are in regular contact and the best thing about my move is it is great to be near my family. Also walking down to the beach there is a great Italian ice cream place – I love most things Italian and being so close to the Harbour Bar is a bonus!

Hmmmmm, now then I have got enough money to go get myself an ice cream.


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