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Please read the job description and person specification below

     Job Description

Open to existing and experienced ubu Enabling Team members or external applicants who demonstrate their potential to deputise on behalf of Service Managers within specialised community based, safe ‘Person-Led’ enabling support services for people who are vulnerable with severe complex needs. Ensuring that the assessed care, developmental and support needs are always fully implemented. Developing positive relationships with everyone involved and creating a homely, welcoming environment. Working proactively to help people gain more independence by acquiring daily living skills, achieving their forecasted outcomes and matching team members’ expertise to their needs.

Always respecting the people we serve, their families, friends and colleagues, the purpose of this role is for Assistant Service Managers to continuously demonstrate sound:


  • Ability to deputise on behalf of the Service Manager if they are absent or unavailable

  • Basic management of the service is maintained at all times

  • Safe, flexible, caring, guiding/ teaching and interpersonal skills

  • Excellent computer, good verbal, written, numerical and communication skills

  • Basic regulatory knowledge across all disciplines relative and appropriate to the service

  • Ability to communicate complex issues working as one team with all those involved


Assistant Service Managers will be appointed through a series of interviews to:

  • Deliver ‘person-led’ care and support service to a wide range of vulnerable people and with complex needs using our ways of working consistently implementing the agreed enablement care and support plans to each individual even when no one is looking

  • Create positive relationships and opportunities, guaranteeing each person receives personalised enabling support, working in partnership with others

  • Ensure the assessed needs of the person supported are met by developing; their relationships, daily living skills and greater independence


An Assistant Service Manager is an ambassador of ubu. Providing bespoke ‘Person-Led’ daily living support. Being responsible for delivering, punctually and respectfully, what we have promised at all times. Always being required to:

  • Work from planned rotas, including sleeping-in support shifts as required and make adjustments when deputising for the Service Manager to rotas

  • Provide, as a member of a team, 24-hour personal care and holistic enabling support

  • Develop the daily living skills of the people we serve to gain greater personal independence

  • Follow all support, policy, process and regulatory guidelines at all times

  • Communicate effectively using the tools and reporting process appropriately

  • Keep individuals free from any form of harm or abuse and protecting everyone’s safety

  • Be self-disciplined in providing the agreed level of support at all times

  • putting learning into daily practice

  • Attend and participate in; team meetings, required e-knowledge, local and central training 

  • Be adaptable to meet the changing needs of the role

  • Build relationships by working together, networking and integrating with the local community resources to engage the individual and their families

  • Demonstrate proactive and positive engagement at all times, implementing our care and support enabling approach

  • Consistently delivering each person’s support and risk management plans

  • Achieving agreed ‘forecasted outcomes’ with each individual

Ensuring ubu’s Quality Standards are met:


  • Adhering to all policies and procedures ensuring ubu’s standards are maintained at all times

  • Complying with relevant legislation including data protection, health and safety and Care Act

  • Reporting any breach of regulation policies and procedures

  • Being accountable for own actions

  • Presenting and behaving in a professional manner at all times

  • Undertaking designated quality checks and maintaining home and communal environments to the highest standards at all times

  • Contributing to continuous quality improvement in every aspect of the service we provide

  • Detailing accurately, recording and reporting of information relating to the support delivered

Accountable to:

  • The leadership and management of ubu working as One Team

  • ubu’s policies and procedures

  • Safeguarding

  • The people served by ubu

Reporting to:
Service Manager or when required Senior Operational Manager

     Person Specification

Essential Criteria

Evidences aptitude and willingness to:

  • Interpret philosophy into practice

  • Teach and develop skills for living

  • Advocate for people within the home and in the community

  • Encourage people to speak for themselves

  • Follow line management direction

  • Promote self and others health and wellbeing

  • Support others to budget and manage finances

  • Be a positive role model/mentor at all times to people

  • Have a flexible approach to the role

  • Being proactive to the needs of the service

  • Follow a Person-Led approach to support

  • Show passion, commitment, enthusiasm and drive


  • Flexibility including shift working and sleeping in as required

  • Appropriate; eye contact, positive listening, body language and non-verbal skills

  • Present self in line with ubu dress code

  • Positive understanding and attitude of equality towards vulnerable people

  • Knowledge of, understanding and commitment to, citizenship and community participation

  • Positive interpersonal skills

  • The ability to; listen to others, encourage people, develop communication and positive relationships skills

  • Basic computer skills, good spoken and written English and numeracy

  • Respect for others

  • Ability to work as an equal part of a team

  • Knows how to proactively deal with stress/pressure in self, and seeks guidance when needed

  • Desire and commitment to own ongoing development

  • Willingness to attend staff meetings and in-house training where necessary

  • Knowledge and understanding of what the role entails and prepared for interview

  • Understands what ubu is all about and the services it offers

  • No previous undeclared criminal convictions

  • Positive references

  • Committed to covering any visible tattoos as required whilst at work

  • Physical fitness and able to:

    • Physically undertake personal care

    • Support individuals in their leisure activities

    • Work on several levels throughout their shift

  • Emotionally and mentally stable to support those with:

    • Complex and challenging health issues

    • Colleagues as a member of an intensive support team


  • Previous experience of working with vulnerable people with complex needs

  • Relevant training and qualifications within a social care setting

  • MAPA trained

  • Knowledge of ubu Vision, Mission and Values

  • Car driver with full clean driving license


All job offers made subject to

  • At interview

    • Confirmation of candidates; application record of consecutive and complete personal and employment history and referees

    • Clear DBS and safeguarding record

    • Proof of ID

    • Right to work documents

  • Receipt of 3 references within one working week of job offer from candidates


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