Money Management

I am the Finance Manager at ubu, and have worked here for almost a decade. I ensure that the ubu is financially compliant, whether that is for the organisation or the people that we serve. I also make sure that we stay within our budget year on year, so that we can keep supporting people to the best of our abilities while ensuring that we are properly resourced.

I have over 20 years of financial experience, having begun my career working first in manufacturing and then in the healthcare sector. These roles have  given me a breadth of experience that I have been able to bring to my role.

ubu is genuinely a great place to work. Every day I feel that I am helping to make a real difference to the lives of other people. I am proud to work for ubu, a company with an inspiring vision for vulnerable members of society. I enjoy playing my part in the team to ensure that the organisation can keep meeting its business goals. I know that the contribution I make every day helps to enable all of our operational team members to support the people we serve. It is a wonderful feeling.