Peripatetic Specialist Manager

I have been working for ubu for over 25 years. I like the fact that I have had many roles and that what I do is constantly evolving to meet the needs of the people we serve. As the ubu has grown, so has my confidence. Training and development have been the staying power of ubu, allowing me to nurture my people skills, engagement, enthusiasm, passion and drive to give the people we serve what they have a right to which is greater independence.

I love working closely with individuals and our Enabling teams to resolve issues and find truly meaningful outcomes for the people we work with. My role as a specialist manager affords me the opportunity to help the people we serve accomplish an amazing range of aspirations and goals. One of the best things about ubu is the knowledge and foresight of being able to keep ahead of the rest, providing the very best service to those who ask us for it. I have learned to never give up on anyone, to think of new ways of doing things and to be there for people every single day.